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When comparing the value per km traveled, Frum brake drums are undeniably the ones with the best cost benefit. In other words, Frum products go further. Manufactured in gray iron and using the highest technology in casting and machining, Frum Brake Drums meet a large number of applications and manufacturers' specifications.

Perfect Thermal Expansion – Efficiency and Resistance

The Brake Drum absorbs heat in the friction of braking, and a good thermal dissipation minimizes the vibrations that cause fatigue of the part, impairing the performance.

Balance and Durability

The perfectly circular surface above all produces a more even distribution of braking forces. Frum Brake Drums are precision balanced parts to ensure an excellent adjustment of the vehicle's brake system.

Painted External Surface

Frum Drums are extremely durable. Painted outer surface reduces rust generation thus increasing corrosion resistance.


The perfectly circular surface ensures a more uniform distribution of braking forces. Frum Brake Drums are precisely balanced components to guarantee an excellent fit of the vehicle's brake system.

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