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Warranty term

Indústria Metalúrgica Frum will only accept the part(s) for warranty analysis, upon

completion and submission of the warranty term, return authorization and also completion of the return invoice as instructed below:

No warranty will be given on

following conditions:

  • Parts that are not manufactured by FRUM;

  • Out of warranty 2 year engraved die casting on parts;

  • Damage caused by accidental handling;

  • Defects caused by assembly failures or inadequate maintenance;

  • Defects caused by adjustments outside the manufacturer's specification;

  • Products altered and modified by the customer;

  • Wear or deformation considered normal for the application and time of use;

  • Inadequate storage.

completion of


  • Nature of operation: “Return”;

  • Operation code: “5,202 without tax substitution and 5,411 with tax substitution (within the state of MG);

  • Transaction code: “6,202 without tax substitution and 6,411 with tax substitution (Other states);

  • The return invoice must contain the number of the original invoice (sales) the value of the return must be equal to the sales invoice;

  • Highlight ICMS, IPI and tax substitution values, in cases where the exit tax is levied;

  • Send the .xml and .pdf files to the email:;

  • Inform in the observation the number of the authorization protocol (received via email after completing the form).



Com liderança de mercado no segmento de veículos pesados, a Frum e o principal fornecedor nacional de cubos de roda, discos e tambores de freio para caminhões, ônibus e tratores.

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