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Green technology, environmental management, safe industrial processes, raw materials, social responsibility are certainly aspects of our sustainability.

Green Technology.

Indústria Metalúrgica Frum uses modern and also innovative processes in the development of products. As a result, it follows the world trend of production with the minimum impact and the maximum respect for nature.

Environmental management.

With “Environmental Management”, Frum is concerned with producing with awareness and responsibility, thus meeting the main international environmental standards. It also complies with the rules of FEAM – State Foundation for the Environment of Minas Gerais (MG).


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Safe Industrial Process.

Frum offers the vehicle market reliable and international standard products, with investments in quality and also safety throughout the production process through its SGI Integrated Policy.

Social responsability.

Frum is a company that values human assets and also invests in social actions that result in the development of the entire community.


High quality gray and ductile iron is purchased from certified companies, which thus meet international environmental standards. As a result, they guarantee a product manufactured in accordance with sustainable development.


The products manufactured by Frum are packaged, for protection and transport, with recycled materials, certainly providing a greater environmental balance.


Com liderança de mercado no segmento de veículos pesados, a Frum e o principal fornecedor nacional de cubos de roda, discos e tambores de freio para caminhões, ônibus e tratores.

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