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Manufactured with high-strength materials and advanced technology, capable of withstanding the most severe usage conditions. Additionally,

Frum invests in a rigorous quality control process, ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the parts.


Efficiency and safety tests of brake pads are conducted under extreme conditions, simulating real-life usage scenarios.


These tests are crucial to ensure that the components deliver efficient and safe braking performance, preventing accidents and reducing wear on other brake system components.


Frum is a company that constantly invests in technology and quality control to provide its customers with high-performance and reliable products.

Integrated design and easy installation

Elimination of manual component adjustments

Pre-adjustment technology with greater precision

Lower maintenance cost

Enhanced component protection and time-saving during final vehicle assembly

Durability and reliability

Innovation and cost savings for manufacturers

Improved braking performance

Meets a wide range of applications and specifications

Products tested and approved by major automakers

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