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Vehicle Road Axles, as well as all products manufactured by Frum, are components that are directly linked to

driver safety.


Frum is a company that manufactures high quality and durable vehicle road axles. Designed to withstand the harshest road and highway conditions.

With advanced technology and high resistance materials, Frum's road axles are capable of running for more than 1 million kilometers, without compromising the safety of the vehicle and the occupants. Vehicle road axles are essential components to ensure the stability, balance and safety of freight vehicles.


For this reason, Frum constantly invests in research and development, in order to offer its customers innovative and high-quality solutions that guarantee the safety and efficiency of road transport.

Integrated design and easy installation

Elimination of manual component adjustments

Pre-adjustment technology with greater precision

Lower maintenance cost

Enhanced component protection and time-saving during final vehicle assembly

Durability and reliability

Innovation and cost savings for manufacturers

Improved braking performance

Meets a wide range of applications and specifications

Products tested and approved by major automakers

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