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Produced in high quality gray cast iron, the Frum brake discs guarantee, above all, efficiency allied to braking

safe and comfortable.

Thermal Conductivity and Friction Coefficient

Frum brake discs withstand high temperatures and extreme mechanical efforts by receiving friction from the pads, thus preventing the vehicle's wheels from rotating.

Durability and Resistance

The quality of the materials and the chemical composition of Frum brake discs make a difference in the useful life of the parts, further reducing the risk of cracks, warping, corrosion and increasing resistance to thermal shock when in direct contact with water.

Precise Braking

Perfectly machined contact surface for good friction with the pads, increasing the performance of the entire brake system and also minimizing undesirable vibrations and noise.

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FRUM brake discs are tested under the most severe conditions and by the most experienced drivers in the Copa Truck races. Copa Truck is a competition that demands a lot from vehicles and their components, with challenging tracks and intense races.

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