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And with the use of different tools, bearings, rings and seals, they need time and specialized work for a good

assembly and also regulation.

Integrated design and simple installation

Frum assembled assemblies are pre-adjusted at the factory, simplifying the vehicle's final assembly process, thus optimizing time, cost and human resources at assemblers.

Elimination of manual component adjustments

The factory pre-assembly and adjustment technology is more accurate than the manual method, resulting in increased component life and improved braking performance at the same time.

Better braking performance

In addition, Frum Assembled sets add value to vehicles as they guarantee the quality of the final product of its customers.

Integrated design and easy installation

Elimination of manual component adjustments

Pre-adjustment technology with greater precision

Lower maintenance cost

Enhanced component protection and time-saving during final vehicle assembly

Durability and reliability

Innovation and cost savings for manufacturers

Improved braking performance

Meets a wide range of applications and specifications

Products tested and approved by major automakers

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